The Day…

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One day, it came…

…so unexpectedly.

I wasn’t ready, mommy…

…but neither were you.

I was so scared, mommy…

…but so were you.

I faced my fears…

…please do so, too, mommy.

I took one step out into a new place…

…so did you, mommy.

But, what came next was not what I expected…

…neither did you, mommy.

That day I died…

…so did you, mommy.

No matter what, remember that I love you, mommy…

…and I know you really do too, mommy!!!

Abortion hurts both mother and child.

Life matters.

You are beyond special!

Great post discussing our life’s importance to Yahusha the Saviour, why to support pro-life, and a little about why it would matter where you shop due to the store’s values.

Confession: I like watching TV commercials. Partly because I’m an actor and I do a lot of commercials, and so it’s kinda like homework to see what the commercial “trends” are. Some of these trends include: making dads and men seem like dopes or incompetent, ethnically ambiguous “heroes,” the switching of normal gender roles, and…

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Yup. Miracles DO happen.

Most Bible-believers agree that the Messiah, Yahusha, performed miracles. But we don’t usually think about the fact that His true believers today should be performing miracles too. (As well as prophesying, but that’s another story. See Joel.) Through His power, of course. Just look up ‘miracle’ in the Bible. Also see miracleS Below are a few of the verses you will find…


We see here that not all believers perform miracles. But I have a feeling we believers now-a-days ought to be seein’ a bit more of this type of thing.

Of course, Yhwh doesn’t need humans to work miracles, although He does use us. He does plenty of miracles every day-if we’ll just think a moment and see them.

He makes the sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

He makes the flowers bloom, gives the birds life, gives us life, and keeps the earth stable under our feet.

He brings the summer in it’s time, and He gave us an inventive brain. He keeps us considerably healthy (for the world we live in).

Yes, I know it sounds like I’m just listing things to be thankful for. And yes, I am. But these things are all miracles.

Now I want to tell you a (true!) story… a miracle story. 😀

“Was lost (even though I didn’t know it) but now I’m found” –The chicken

My family has chickens.

Over 7 days ago now, I heard squawking over in their pen. Were they okay? Finally I checked on them.. We could only count 13 chickens- there should have been 14. Last year, a fox took the lives of about 3, so after we didn’t find the missing hen, we supposed she had also succombed to this fate. Especially after we saw a fox in our road. (Note: We took precautions for the remaining birds.)

However, we still had hope. We’d read about a lady who’s chicken went missing and returned in spring- after being gone months. (WOW!!) But what were the chances?

My brother and I were herding a stray rooster back into my Grandma’s pen, when I looked over at the feeder.. “Um, Does Grammie have a black chicken?” “no…” “I think… is that...Amelia??” (We name all our chickens.)

It was! After about 5 days -during which it was snowing and raining- our lost hen had returned. She was safe! HalleluYah! My brother watched her for a while, and saw that she went back to our Grammie’s fenced-in garden. Soon we followed her. She had a reason for being gone. A motherly mission.

She was nesting on 19 little green eggs.

We moved her to safety- but she basically refused to set on the eggs anywhere but where she had laid them. “They’re not in the garden, they’re not my chicks!” Needless to say, she’s back in the garden. With another fence around her- we gotta help how we can!  (Ah, a chicken’s brain!)

We again have 14 chickens- always did during this time, just didn’t know it. (Praise Yahuah!) Plz pray the eggs hatch & she’s safe in her perhaps ill-chosen haven. 🙂 That will be another miracle!

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So yup, miracles happen. 


Shalom & Simcha chaim! (peace & happy life!-Hebrew)

-Yah’s girl

Non-dirty dirt..Would you like to garden?

Gardening- I sadly must say I don’t think many people know the importance of it. If you eat meat, the animals had to eat grass, which may have been planted for them- planting is a major part of gardening, even if it isn’t done in rows. Although, I know, a seeded lawn is not necessarily classified as a garden. But beyond that, they probably ate grain- definitely cultivated!

When you eat any vegetable or fruit, that was cultivated. We can’t live without food. We can’t live without gardens. THAT part is rather simple. So why not grow stuff for ourselves to live?

If you believe in the Bible, (which if you don’t, I implore you to look into it.) you know Adam and Eve ate/tended herbs – they LIVED in a garden! Genesis 1:11, 29 & 30. Interesting thoughts about the creation HERE.

You have probably driven by a field of corn-likely gmo, if it was recently (We’ll get to that soon)- and I suppose you have seen gardens with perfect rows, beautiful bare dirt, no weeds, so picturesque…..UH…WHO HAS THAT TIME?!

I introduce you to Eden gardening- there are different aspects of it, but it boils down to growing our food simply, like Adam and Eve. But notice I said GROWING OUR FOOD. I think we should all grow a substantial part of our own food, or all of it. Maybe even sell excess of it! Deuteronomy 15:6 & 28:12.

One point is organics and GMO’s. When a food is organic, it hasn’t been sprayed with anything like the regular pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, although maybe with  an ORGANIC substance, an easy example being  vinegar as an organic pesticide. I say, “If it kills the plant’s pests, it’ll kill the plant’s other eater-YOU!!” GMO’S- Genetically Modified Organisms- is where you modify a plant’s genes. Simple! Or not… This is where the scientists in the lab will, for example, figure out how to make a tomato last longer at market by putting fish genes into it, Voila! $$$! Make note: Organic produce and plants are Non-GMO, but Non-GMO produce/plants are not necessarily organic!

Here are some links:

Gabe Brown Talks about problems tilling causes. Here is one of His vids:

Geoff Lawtan speaks about Permaculture, gardening like the woods. 😀 Here is his youtube channel

Mother Earth News Fair! I’m at one now! Lots of info. 

I promised ya’ll a post about gardening and living in the country. Here is Pt. 1 of gardening! But City/ Country talk will have to wait: I got a comment from someone on “How fast are you vs. the Bible?”, and will make a post on that next, in answer to the poster’s comment.


About the title: Dirt is alive with microbes, many of them good. Dirt is awesome! Dirt -earth- is not necessarily dirty. It’s HEALTHY!


Just go. Ask for help when U need it.

Do be so hard headed! I mean, that can be good. But seriously, you don’t need to carry your load alone. No one has to.

Many say that Nature is the Father’s second book. Well, this is not quite nature, and not quite natural. But I think we can learn from it anyways…


We can all use some help. Like the little cat, his humans AND the dictionary helped him get what he needed: food! So, I encourage you to ask for help when you need it. From our Heavenly Dad, our parents, friends, and so on. Plus from the Bible.

Let’s go get it. While we can.