Life’s ramblings

You never know where life is going to take you. We are so blessed to be able to know the One who does. (Nor do you know where this post is going…lol)

Ramble 1. You meet different people, and who you hang out with can really change you. (That’s why Mom always says to be careful who your friends are!). And also why it’s a good idea to spend daily time with Yah (God). (Note: I have NO room to talk in this area! Need way more Yah & me time.)

One place I journeyed through in life was the Seventh Day Adventist Church. It was not the best place to be, but I knew/know some really special people that I met there. And some of the church’s beliefs kept my family and I safe from some poor choices.

Even when you wish hadn’t been somewhere, or you wish something didn’t happen, there is still good here. Don’t ignore the bad. Work through it, by allĀ  means! But also, do not neglect to remember the good you encountered, or how you grew.

The past is so important. But don’t focus on it so much you lose touch with your present, or lose sight of the future. One day at a time, y’all.

We all have ‘baggage’.


And we can’t work through it on our own. We need Yah. We need support. We need family, friends, mentors. If you want real change, freedom, support, & true friendship…then check out this site, my friends! It could be what you’ve been looking for, yearning for…

Ramble 2.

How we think:

If I say I’m fine, please don’t believe me. Ask again, caringly.

If I ask how I look, don’t look at the dress. Tell me how important I am, inside.

If I say I don’t care, think twice. Maybe I think you’ll get mad if I suggest something I think you wouldn’t like.

If I hide in my room, don’t assume I only need alone time. Maybe I think you wouldn’t understand me, or don’t want to listen.

If I say I can’t change, give me hope. Remind me I can. And push me towards greatness.

Aren’t we humans silly?

Ramble 3. We will thrive.

You don’t have real control over anyone besides yourself (And Yah is really in charge of you!). BUT, you can decide, for you, to thrive inside. Maybe you can’t change your surroundings. Maybe your (fill in the blank – husband, friend, church) can’t or won’t change. But you have your reigns. Use them. Go on the right path.

I have a lot of bad habits. I have some major hang ups, and even some hurts. I have OCD. But I am going to get through this. I will change, in time, with His help, with healthy support. I can’t change others, although I can support them. But I can let Him change me.

So can you.

You’ve heard most/all of this before, but thx for letting me share. Shalom 4 now!

-Yah’s girl