We are them too

Long time no talk, eh? A few things I’v ve e been up to have been… getting serious about my business, volu teering at a summercamp, and…normal life.

Well, I’m here, so lets dive right in!

“Church people” tend to look out on a lost world with prideful hearts and eyes. We don’t always notice it, because sometimes it’s like kudzu- kinda pretty, although awfully detrimental and just about all we can see. “Oh, but it’s not that bad!”, you say. Okay, so there are a lot of humble, real Saviur followers out there. HalleluYah. But I guarantee you, 50% of churches you walk into will, whether or not realizing what they’re saying, start talking with the better-than-them attitude.

It’s easy to latch onto. It makes us feel good without doing any work  -timely example; Pastor references “the drunk up the road”. Okay, great. So we’re not drunks. We should be glad, sure. But as Paul said, “As such were some of you” After all, not only are all men created equal, but all sin is punishable by death. So sorry guys, you tell a white lie, you kill someone… [kind of worse] but they’re both sins punishable by death. We be all dead men.

Enter God.  Show stopper. Equation changer. He looks at us all as his children, dear, amazing handiwork. The drunk. The Churchgoer, the President, the homeless (The good, the bad, and the ugly) -all his, held close to his heart.

 That should be humbling to all of us.

It true that we’ve all let God down. But you know what he says?” You were never holding me up.” (That’s a paraphrased quote from The Skit Guys)

Switching gears here…so maybe you’re a drunk. Maybe you’re a churchgoer. Either way, I’d bet your life isn’t perfect-o. We all need God. If you need help help finding God, or help with an addiction, a habit, a hang-up, or a hurt…I highly recommend Celebrate Recovery (a bible-based 12-step program). Because none of our lives (or pasts) are spic-and-span.  Before you say ” Oh, that’s not me!), please do three things: 1) pray 2) think it over and 3) watch the movie Home Run.

Okay y’all, thanks for reading my rant!

I hope you have a Shalom-filled day!

-Yah’s girl