A little about me – with pictures


Who am I? Well, I’m Yah’s girl, of course. But what am I like?


A Bible- believer, fun-loving lady. Someone who needs to work on patience. Who loves her family and pets. I love writing, if you have not noticed. (I have something like 7 blog posts as drafts right now. Yes, I do procrastinate. ) I get scared of what people think, and pray for Yah’s joy and peace and love. I want to learn more about the anchors of my faith, and am interested in apologetics.

I’m someone who loves people, and hates the violence seen today. I am sad for the inner-city kids. I am someone who needs to pray a lot more, and worry less. I try to “be good”, but I am sooo human. I love singing, art, making bracelets with friends, and drawing. As you might tell from reading my blog, I want to spread joy & truth, and help others.  I’m not a main-stream christian (And don’t call myself a christian), but am more on the Messianic-side.

There’s a peek into my life.

Below are a few fun pictures that show a little more about me.

My darling 3-yr old, Cara.





Fannie Fae, a darling kitten who died due to a rabies vaccine overdose. See my post Why would ANYONE be ‘Vaccine-hesitant’?




I love baking 🙂



Kitten we rescued (Still needs a furrever home!! Contact me if you are interested. 😉 )


My son, Fido the cat




Our chicken house (It’s made out of palets. Oh yes! 😀 )



Shalom TTYL

Love you all!  -Yah’s girl


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