Awesome Pizza Recipe!

If you like Pizza and want to make it @ home (with less crud!), and are pinched for time… Make this! It’s my go-to recipe.

For a twist, add herbs to your dough. (A bit if you want to taste it!) Minced garlic would be cool too.

I use coconut oil for the olive oil; whatever you have at hand/ is your preference will work. 

If you have big eaters in your fam, you want to double or triple it… One batch (With their measures) makes one good-sized Pizza. 

If you eat Kosher like me, BTW, Papa John’s has Kosher Pizza- Congrats & Thanks, PJ!

Talk to y’all later!


-Yah’s girl


Oh! You can use this crust for other things as well.. I’ve shaped it into Cinnamon rolls. My ‘filler’ is sugar, salt, oil & cinnamon. Lots of sugar. A good amount of cinnamon. Should be a thick paste. (Is cool to mix the cinnamon paste into the dough as well as a filler! Tastier.)

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