The people (The homeless problem pt. 2)

If you missed it, please see my post; The facts (The problems facing homeless people in America, Knoxville & Tennessee pt. 1)

To see how bad or good a situation is, it’s great to look at statistics. But it can be easy to lose “The Homeless” (a group of people) in the fog of statistics we can make for ourselves. So now I’m gonna transition to the people. Who are they? How do they feel?

No matter their color or background, they face many of the same issues day-to-day. They’re humans; a part of the great American populace.

As they sit on the streets, their back against a store wall, they may feel hopless. They perhaps wonder why and how so many well-off people pass by them, scarcely glancing. They may wonder where the Heavenly Father is; does anyone care? Like most everyone; what is the reason of life? Some ask the same question every evening- Where will they sleep tonight? Others, What will they eat? Does anybody care?

We could be in their shoes. Speaking of such, we should hearken to the old Native American proverb; “Don’t be quick to judge ’till you’ve walked a mile in that person’s shoes”.

We ought to ask “How did they get to where they are?”. There are a range of reasons. For some, simply too many bad choices and/or encumbrances from the laws. Purposefully or accidentally disobey a law, purposefully or accidentally disobey your parole, and, depending on your wrong-doing, it may prove highly difficult to get a job. A place to rent. A shelter to stay at.

“Will fellow men help me?”

For others, they have no choice. Perhaps they’re a widow with little kids and no rent money. Or perhaps they are fleeing violence and abuse. Many are physically or mentally ill. Some, of course, are out on the streets because they are on drugs.

Drugs are definitley a problem. (They’re addicting!) We need to get to the root problem of how they are accesing these drugs. We also need more facilities to help these near help-less (but extremely special) people! We need to make a way to help their families. We need to pray for a heart in us to help- No matter how they got where they are.

For 40% of homeless children/teenagers, they are homeless because they announced they were LGBTQ and their family kicked them out. (As a conservative Bible believer, I may be quick to say that I believe the LGBTQ idea is wrong. However, they are special people who need a place to stay as long as they are alive.)

Having said that, there are many problems posed for uhyps. The sad thing is, if you left home due to violence, you’re probably not going to find anything better outside. The dark streets and alleys are especially dangerous to young people (any age, indeed), where sexual assault, rape, etc. occur. Many defenseless teens may find themselves subjected (and, in essence, enslaved) to a pimp within days. This ought not to be! Should not this surprise, disgust and disturb us? How we can sit here and let it happen? We won’t.. Not if we’re honorable. Not if we have a heart. Not if we have the means. Not with the grace we’ve been given.

Where is our conscience? It should be stinging by now!!

You may say it’s not your fault; That’s not your child. But what if it was? Does not the community have any role to play? Was it wrong the way Americans used to look out for each-other ‘Back in the day’? Maybe we could show a little more heart. Because I tend to think any problem is our problem if we know about it and it’s in our power to help.

I don’t know what to do. But I have to do something. You may not know what to do. But now you are armed with a little information. Study further. We must do something!

Jim Rohn said, “Never wish life were easier, wish that you were better.” Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” I want to make other’s lives better by letting my Heavenly Father better me. My dream is a better America; a better earth. We have discussed some of the problems, and I want you to know something. We can do our part. If we do, we can change the world, even if that just means one person’s world. Because that one person is incredibly special to the Almighty. Step through the fear and doubt. Let Our Heavenly Father lead. And remember what Dr. Loretta Scott famously said- “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

Don’t expect to see a change if you don’t make one. “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” (-A. Lincoln)

What will you make America’s future look like? I’m leaving three videos below. I think you’ll enjoy them. And I pray you will be challenged to act by them as well. What’s more important than saving souls, helping folks, and simply making others happy?


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