A tribute

Although I greatly disagree with the wars in Iraq, etc, and dislike the underlying reasons the government must hold for them, I appreciate all the people who have gone to war “To protect America”.

I was in Lowes the other day, and saw an elderly man with a baseball cap.
The cap said World War II. I turned to who I was with, saying, “Is that possible?” After a quick discussion/hesitation, we walked over to him. He looked good, but must have been in his 80s or 90s.

“Sir, Thank-you for your service”, I said. My companion also thanked him. It crossed my mind to shake his hand, but I decided to skip it.

Having the same idea, however, he held out his precious, wrinkled hand, and shook my own.

We both shook his hand.

His reply to our thanks was; “It was for you.” He did it for us, the younger generation.

His wife came over, placing her hand on his shoulder. “Not many people your age thank us.” He repeated, “It was for you.” He said also, “Many…don’t even know it happened. I can’t blame them.”

I thanked him again, and said “God bless!”,

A World war II Veteran returned to his flower-shopping.

pic for A TRIBUTE

I know for most of you this is a regular day, but having a calendar off of the sun, moon & stars (Genesis 1:14), it’s my Shabbat. So, Shabbat Shalom!

-Yah’s girl


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