Eliminating Leaven: Why

Even though Passover is just over, I am working on a blog about what I can learn form the Feast. This re-blog is subject-related, and worth a read.


Scroll down for last year’s posts on When and How to remove leaven from your home before Passover (Pesach). Here let us deal with the Why.

Leaven is a symbol of subtle, gradual change. The insidious work of the micro-organisms which transforms the lump of dough is used as a metaphor for sin.

While Atonement in the beginning of winter focuses on the internal cleansing of the heart, Passover is preoccupied with the external transformation of Yahuwah’s children. We want to spend forever in His presence; we need to allow Him to free us completely from the tentacles and snares of sin. So we clean our homes and dispose of all leaven and foods containing it. (use it up, give it away, plan ahead and minimize waste as well as enhance the lessons).

Living for eight days with no yeast, raised bread, and so forth allows us to ponder the…

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