puzzle-1152792__340How do you find and define truth?

Some would say truth is only how or what you define it, or that truth is only truth if it’s truth to you. Seriously? I believe truth is “universal”, that is it doesn’t change for who you are or what you believe.

That is, if you say the earth is flat but it’s really a globe, you were wrong. Likewise, if you say the earth is a globe but it’s really flat, you were wrong. You can say it’s a globe and I can say it’s flat, but we can’t both be 100% right, can we?

Truth stays the truth, even if not one person in all the earth believed it. Just like how Yahuah the Father is King, even if no one were to believe in Him.

Sometimes finding truth is really hard and sometimes it’s really obvious. You may have to search high and low, perhaps literally. Or it may be like right there under your nose obvious. We just have to see it.

Actually, sometimes it’s hard to find, yet once you’ve discovered it you’re like “Why didn’t I see this sooner again?”.Yahuah knows when we’re ready, and He’ll show us, but we have to look too.

One thing to finding true truth is simply that we need to look in the right place. Our Saviour is the truth and the life. John 14:6 says “[Yahusha] saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

I’m sitting down right now. You could debate that fact. You could simply disbelieve it. Or say that, since my feet are also touching the floor, I’m doing some sort of a squat. You agree with me that I’m sitting just because it’s so trivial. (Who really cares whether or not I’m sitting, standing on my feet, or standing on my head as I type right now?!)

But if I say that vaccines are dangerous (and I do believe that), even if it were just as easy to see (which I admit it’s not!!) as my sitting, you will less likely agree. You have a pre-conceived view. But that’s not all. It’s not a trivial issue. It’s important.

Now, you didn’t take that lightly, did you? (My saying vaccines are dangerous). That’s good.

You see, it can be a good thing for people to disagree, because that means it’s an important issue- and they care about it. Congratulations!

chinese-675119__340But yet, I do find it amazing that so many folks -good, smart folks; my friends- can end up with such different beliefs. It’s a mystery to me. Even though this includes me! That is, I was a nice person, and I was a part of the Seventh-Day Adventist church. I think I’m still a nice person, but now I have left the SDAs far behind, and embrace simply the Bible.  (Bye-bye Denominations!)

I wasn’t bad because I was SDA, and I’m not bad because I left. There may be more nice SDAs or more nice Non-SDAs. But either way, being one or the other does not determine you are nice or not.

Yet the ‘me’ before & after leaving  is different. With a huge difference in beliefs. It’s odd how that works.

What I mean is that it’s incredible that so many fantastic people can have such a huge range of beliefs. But it’s how it works. We’ve all seen it. The Baptist dude, the Catholic gal, the Independent Bible-believer, the Atheist and the Muslim. So very different. But not “bad” just because of their religion, culture or background. Or color or race for that matter.

Summing up my tangents, Truth is Yah’s truth. He shows us, we look. You and I are not inherently bad if we haven’t found the truth. But we must look. The truth is the truth even if nobody believes it.

download (4)Shalom, y’all!       -Yah’s girl

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