Questions: Sandy Hook

Perhaps our innocence, too?


Section 1: Comprehending why to question. (Note that “Why question?” is a question, lol.)

Note: We will never acquire all the answers before the coming of the king. But it is our duty to search, with His guidance..

People don’t appear to like to question. Nope. In fact, it is thought unsafe to question. Yes, there are many, many things I don’t comprehend fully – or at all.

However, if I don’t question everything, will I ever find the answers? True enough, I may still not get all the answers and especially won’t get them right away. But if I never ask any q’s, how can un-asked questions get answered?

Let me re-phrase that. Some questions will be answered before you ask; i.e. whether or not you ask. You may learn you get to eat latkes during Chanukkah, even though you didn’t ask “What’s for dinner?” as you visited a friend for the evening. (I’ve yet to try ’em.)

However, although some questions will be answered without being asked, they are less likely to be answered correctly. These inconsistent answers may lead you to start questioning!

You asking puts you on the road to being in charge of your own life. You can choose to ask, rather than just receive (perhaps faulty) answers.



Section 2: Your outlook, our outlook…

“In fact, it is thought unsafe to question.” What could I mean by this? Back in 2012, a tragedy occurred in Newtown. What exactly happened, I’m not sure. But it was terrible.

Many good people have swallowed the whole official story of Sandy Hook. But I dare anyone (you!?!) who is willing to question to do so. Even on this topic.

This is an instance where it is thought unsafe to question.

If you question such a thing, you are thought of as a “bad” person. And you are represented so by “the media”. You are thought to be attacking the families of the victims.

Yes, I understand that if, indeed, you recently lost your young child to a mad-man, you can’t very well take criticism. That’s natural, and altogether logical. It is a horrific time in your life. Go ahead, ignore the questions (for now). You may even like to take time away from ALL of the press. You need it.

However, this tragedy occurred 5 years ago now.

This is such an important event in our history, if it is completely fake, that is pretty big. And if it is absolutely true, then it must be provable.  You say; “But people will always question, no matter what you show them!” Yes, some will.

But sometimes, other times, perhaps you have claimed the “proof” as an end-all to any other claims because you have looked no further. Maybe you took this “proof” as granted because you never questioned the official story, and that’s why this proof is completely legitimate (to you).

Perhaps these others (ones who have questioned the official story), on the other hand, have looked into the other side, the dark, dark side of truth; and thus this “proof” only makes them want to look further; deeper. (Of course, both sides are dark…)


Yes, this tragedy occurred 5 years ago.


hmmthinkingSection 3: “Proof” is “proof” & proof is proofYou look into it.

Why do I question this? People close to me have. And some things don’t add up once you look into it, either.

One thing for y’all to check out for now is Emilie’s story. Below are some links.

Is her grandfather so sad he can’t think straight, or is he getting his lines wrong?

Her aunt appears confused as well.

Lastly, how come Mr. Robbie appears so smiley? He has to compose himself to quit?

Updates (i.e. more info) to follow will appear below…

NEW VIDS.  —————   New links added over time below    —————-   NEW VIDS.

Best video I’ve watched on the subject!!- “We need to talk about Sandy Hook” by Media Solidarity – MUST WATCH!

Yes, Sandy Hook occurred 5 years ago.


Sandy Hook was a tragedy. Either to Connecticut or to the whole USA. You decide, America.



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