Tabernacles! Dancing! HalleluYah!

{Skip the verses if you are familiar with them. Just read the purple words, lol.}

Tabernacles is almost here!! Contact me if you want to join us in this Celebration! Why is it a celebration? Atonement was a few days ago, and we made it.

From Leviticus 23:  “26And the [Yahuah] spake unto Moses, saying, 27Also on the tenth day of this seventh month there shall be a day of atonement: it shall be an holy convocation unto you; and ye shall afflict your souls, and offer an offering made by fire unto the [Yhwh]. 28And ye shall do no work in that same day: for it is a day of atonement, to make an atonement for you before the [Yhwh] your [Elohiym]. 29For whatsoever soul it bethat shall not be afflicted in that same day, he shall be cut off from among his people. 30And whatsoever soul it be that doeth any work in that same day, the same soul will I destroy from among his people. 31Ye shall do no manner of work: it shall be a statute for ever throughout your generations in all your dwellings. 32It shall be unto you a sabbath of rest, and ye shall afflict your souls: in the ninth dayof the month at even, from even unto even, shall ye celebrate your sabbath.We pondered our souls while fasting. and Yahuah is with us, pardoning all sin we have confessed to Him” (Emphasis & coloring added.)

Numbers 29:7And ye shall have on the tenth day of this seventh month an holy convocation; and ye shall afflict your souls: ye shall not do any work therein8But ye shall offer a burnt offering unto the [Yhwh] for a sweet savour; one young bullock, one ram, and seven lambs of the first year; they shall be unto you without blemish: 9And their meat offering shall be of flour mingled with oil, three tenth deals to a bullock, andtwo tenth deals to one ram, 10A several tenth deal for one lamb, throughout the seven lambs: 11One kid of the goats for a sin offering; beside the sin offering of atonement, and the continual burnt offering, and the meat offering of it, and their drink offerings.

On Tabernacles, also called “The feast of booths” or “Succot”, We stay in booths made of branches, basically! Although most today stay in tents, or even hotels, etc. Why go camping for Tabernacles? 

Again from Leviticus;

33And the [Yhwh] spake unto Moses, saying, 34Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, The fifteenth day of this seventh month shall be the feast of tabernacles for seven days unto the [Yhwh]. 35On the first day shall be an holy convocation: ye shall do no servile work therein36Seven days ye shall offer an offering made by fire unto the [Yhwh]: on the eighth day shall be an holy convocation unto you; and ye shall offer an offering made by fire unto the [Yhwh]: it is a solemn assembly; and ye shall do no servile work therein.37These are the feasts of the [Yhwh], which ye shall proclaim to be holy convocations, to offer an offering made by fire unto the [Yhwh], a burnt offering, and a meat offering, a sacrifice, and drink offerings, every thing upon his day: 38Beside the sabbaths of the [Yhwh], and beside your gifts, and beside all your vows, and beside all your freewill offerings, which ye give unto the [Yhwh].39Also in the fifteenth day of the seventh month, when ye have gathered in the fruit of the land, ye shall keep a feast unto the [Yhwh] seven days: on the first day shall be a sabbath, and on the eighth day shall be a sabbath. 40And ye shall take you on the first day the boughs of goodly trees, branches of palm trees, and the boughs of thick trees, and willows of the brook; and ye shall rejoice before the [Yhwh] your God seven days. 41And ye shall keep it a feast unto the [Yhwh] seven days in the year. It shall be a statute for ever in your generations: ye shall celebrate it in the seventh month. 42Ye shall dwell in booths seven days; all that are Israelites born shall dwell in booths: 43That your generations may know that I made the children of Israel to dwell in booths, when I brought them out of the land of Egypt: I am the [Yhwh] your [Elohiym]. 44And Moses declared unto the children of Israel the feasts of the [Yhwh].

Also, from Nehemiah chapter 8;

13And on the second day were gathered together the chief of the fathers of all the people, the priests, and the Levites, unto Ezra the scribe, even to understand the words of the law. 14And they found written in the law which the [Yhwh] had commanded by Moses, that the children of Israel should dwell in booths in the feast of the seventh month: 15And that they should publish and proclaim in all their cities, and in Jerusalem, saying, Go forth unto the mount, and fetch olive branches, and pine branches, and myrtle branches, and palm branches, and branches of thick trees, to make booths, as it is written. 16So the people went forth, and brought them, and made themselves booths, every one upon the roof of his house, and in their courts, and in the courts of the house of God, and in the street of the water gate, and in the street of the gate of Ephraim. 17And all the congregation of them that were come again out of the captivity made booths, and sat under the booths: for since the days of Jeshua the son of Nun unto that day had not the children of Israel done so. And there was very great gladness. 18Also day by day, from the first day unto the last day, he read in the book of the law of God. And they kept the feast seven days; and on the eighth day was a solemn assembly, according unto the manner.

Plus, we can’t forget:

Exodus 23:14Three times thou shalt keep a feast unto me in the year. 15Thou shalt keep the feast of unleavened bread: (thou shalt eat unleavened bread seven days, as I commanded thee, in the time appointed of the month Abib; for in it thou camest out from Egypt: and none shall appear before me empty:) 16And the feast of harvest, the firstfruits of thy labours, which thou hast sown in the field: and the feast of ingathering, which is in the end of the year, when thou hast gathered in thy labours out of the field.17Three times in the year all thy males shall appear before the [Yhwh] [Elohiym].

Deuteronomy 16:16Three times in a year shall all thy males appear before the [Yhwh] thy [Elohiym] in the place which he shall choose; in the feast of unleavened bread, and in the feast of weeks, and in the feast of tabernacles: and they shall not appear before the [Yhwh] empty: 17Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the [Yhwh] thy [Elohiym] which he hath given thee.

What to do? Camp. Fellowship. Study. Praise Yahuwah. Feast. Rejoice. Get closer to family & friends. Count your blessings. ;D

So, this is a time of CELEBRATION, remembrance, STUDY & Fellowship.

Ah, the joys.

Speaking of joy, let’s DANCE, y’all!!!

Ecclesiastes 3:4,  Psalm 149:3, Psalm 150:4, Matthew 11:17                                                   Click here to find these & other “dance” Bible verses.

How to dance to “Blessed are you”

What is the mayim step?

Some friends enjoying a dance to Yahuah;

Shalom until next time!


2 thoughts on “Tabernacles! Dancing! HalleluYah!

  1. Was A delight meeting you at Sukkot this year, even if it was for just a short time! Love your blog, keep up the good work!
    Shalom to you and your family,
    Susannah Joy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Thank-you, I had a wondeful time! Y’all are so nice! Glad to see you have a website too. I’ll try to check in again on it.
      Shalom, sister! Follow Him always, Yah’s girl


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