A plea to those in danger weather-wise or other-wise

Hi guys…

Please, if you are in a danger area, leave. Whether it’s Alberto or something else, be safe! There are plenty of us inland/safe who will board you. Don’t die out there. Yhwh wants you to be safe, but you need to do your part! Please, I care for you. Love Yhwh. Get what you need. Leave. Help your neighbors leave. Pray without ceasing.

Or if it’s spiritual or emotional weather, get help. That is just as important, if not more so.

His will be done.

Part 1 of Girls thinking about life series (w’ added content)

Hi! I think this series will be fun. You can even suggest topics. In a way this whole website is a girly Biblical series. But this is special. Girl talk even more. Dear boys…  Of course you can read this, but it may go over your head. We prefer you decline from reading, lol. Thanks. Well, except this one may have a little bearing on your life. But it’s still pretty…uh…girly?…We hereby discuss… A slightly touchy subject…. Modesty.


Modesty can be a complicated topic. I think many of us ladies have struggled with what it means for us, ourselves. For, ultimately, it a decision that falls on what YHWH says, how we think of that, as well as values our family also may have. (Note: If these values are lower than what Yhwh says, perhaps go above them. But if they are higher than you feel necessary, it may not hurt to “obey” them anyways.)

Some girls don’t feel “right” unless they are wearing long sleeves. Some feel it best to avoid spaghetti traps. Some don’t think twice before slipping on a bikini.

The Bible actually talks about what ladies should wear-although not many guidelines. Our Father likes free choice, but only after laws He made to keep us safe are followed. (To me, true liberty.) Below is a pic I drew with some verses about what ladies should wear……………………WIN_20170831_19_55_22_Pro (2)                                                                                   That last one is Revelation 14:4!

WIN_20170831_19_55_28_Pro (2)

So what IS modesty?!? Let’s look at the definition:

Main Entry: mod·est

Pronunciation: primarystressadjective
1 a : having a limited and not overly high opinion of oneself and one’s abilities b : not boastful : somewhat shy <amodest winner>
2 : moderate in amount, size, or extent <a modest request> <a modest cottage>
3 : clean and proper in thought, conduct, and dress :DECENT
mod·est·ly adverb

So it is about humility, simpleness, and such.  Like I said, it is ultimately your decision. But I would like to put some of my thoughts out there.

Why be modest? One reason to me is simply the men in our life. Seriously. There are parts of our bodies we save for our husbands, so why would you show them to others? Marriage is sacred. (Although to the LGBT community it hardly appears so…) You not only want to keep them for “your guy”, but you don’t want to distract other men from who you really are, (plus you want them to stay true to their girl!). To NOT be a distraction. T.V. is bad enough for the guys! Thus, even if you don’t even plan to ever be married, you don’t want to be a stumbling block for any male…. See picture….


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–Since it is low quality; FYI: It says: “Who keepeth her beauty for her husband? This? [On the left] Or this?” [On the right.] Although it is blurry, I trust you get the message, :D. Those are the same pictures, yes, the quality is just better in different ways for both of them.

How I see modesty: Like I said, it is ultimately up to Yhwh and you. But I want to tell you some of my thoughts and takes on the subject-what it means to me. Usually, what makes me feel comfortable in the ‘modesty realm’ is wearing a dress or skirt (& shirt!!). I also add a hat. I need to study the Bible more on this subject. 1 Corinthians talks about covering your head as a girl, and I am going to look at more verses- later we’ll publish my findings here, in this series. Anyways, back to clothes… My subconscious rule is skirt around the knee, sleeve over shoulder, and “neck line” only about 1-2 inches low. In the future, I may feel comfortable with a long-ish tunic-shirt. But 4 now, I am sticking to skirts, etc.

My family went to a family camp, and before hand we watched videos about it on-line. All the females were in dresses. We thought; “What in the world?! Ridiculous. Why?” Well, we later thought, it is feminine, “Not men’s apparel”, the Bible says. But I don’t think that’s all the reasons, and I don’t want U to wonder why I do what I do. The Bible says not men’s apparel. Does women’s apparel have to be a dress!? Hmm.. Why?

Putting it plainly & bluntly, I think the main reason to wear a skirt instead of pants is, not only is it girly (a very good point) but pants…well… make your crotch area REALLY obvious. Like I said. Blunt. Yes, I know- “Men wear pants! They have a crotch!” I know. And I think guys should wear tunics or something. (Although no cross dressing, please!) So just don’t throw that one at me, lol. I am a girl; I’m sticking to girly topics. 😉 ( Why am I worried about my crotch being obvious? It’s one of those special places.) So no, the Bible does not say “dresses, dresses, dresses!” But where does your attention go? What looks lady-like? I also like to look at history, like Egyptian pictures on old rock walls. Strangely many of the men in Egyptian men wore skirts it seems. I don’t know why, but they were not Hebrews. Perhaps they kept their dress non-transexual. Or maybe they were rebellious to Yhwh. I don’t know.

Ok. I do my nails. I think most girls are good with it. But I’m not sure. It sure is fun! I know the Bible speaks about not putting gold in your hair, but what about Ur nails?!? For now, I just stick with light-toned painted nails. This can be a topic for discussion below. Just remember gals, we each make our own choices. Don’t get mad if someone  does/does not wear ‘polish. Just put your thoughts out; let’s grow! 😀

**New note 11/3/17gregorian cal. Found this on-line today;

“For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness.

For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.

For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.

For beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers through it once a day.

For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.

People, more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms.

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others.” [Boldness added by me.]  End of add-in.

O.K. Yah’s girl signing off. Thx. TTYL. Shalom! (Peace in Hebrew.)

WIN_20170902_19_37_22_Pro (2)
Yah Love & Law