Thoughts from the dog…

I was walking my dog earlier today. Should you know that she ‘pulls’ on her leash?Image result for creative commons puppy pulling leash See left. And below. Image result for creative commons dog pulling leash

I don’t think those are copyrighted. But if they are yours (And you can prove it!), I’ll take them off.

Anyways, I had her stopped, and I commanded her to “Sit!”. She declined. I decided to wait it out. (Which I had already done once or twice that walk!) Imagine me as a really BAD example of Our Father (Parent) in Heaven, my dog maybe a GOOD example of myself- us. We are disobedient, and make life hard not only on ourselves, but on Him. And He has decided to “Wait it out”- like I did. Now, I could have forced her to sit, like I had in times past. (Which our Heavenly Father WON’T  do.)

Instead, I had to wait and essentially waste time because of her. It was her choice. But I had to suffer. I knew she would sit sometime! (Although, sadly, not all of us humans will finally bow at our Father’s just commands.)

I had some grass I was going to give her later. She saw it, and I offered it to her as a reward. She accepted, sitting down. “Hao Mai Mai!” (“Good little sister” in Chinese) I responded.

We have a reward- Heaven. Yet, more than all that pearl, peace, and gold, we have seeing our Father and our Messiah to look forward to! But let’s obey, even if we did not have that to look forward to, eh?!


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