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DSC09995 Hi Everybody!!!

F.Y.I (For Your Information):

I’m working on a little Bible study I want to post. But while you wait, I want to say a few things!

First, I want to reflect on my Father and Saviour. (Weeeell, you already know this. But is it in your heart, or just a surface feeling?) I just want to make a point. Our Father is in charge and owns the world. All we have is His. And yet, He lets us make decisions! About almost everything… Even if they are…(admit it)…dumb. What a Father! And His son, well, you know He DIED for you. But better yet, He lives for you! Romans 8:34: “Who is he that condemneth? It is [Messiah] that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of [our Father], who also maketh intercession for us.” Isn’t that great? And, they are working together to take us home.

Secondly, I want you to read the words to one of my newest songs. It shows our need of a caring Heavenly Father, how we can’t do a thing on our own. But please don’t rush through the words. Read on:

1 Who am I, that thou wouldst comfort me? Who am I, that I could abide with thee? Who am I, when thou hast parted the sea? O who am I, that thou wouldst take me as thine? I am nothing, you, O my Father, are all.

2 Who am I, that thou wouldst save me? Who am I, that I could reign with thee?       Who am I, when thou hast made everything? O who am I, that thou wouldst send thy son to die for me? I am nothing, you, O my Father, are all. You, O my Father, are ALL.  This song/poem is in the public domain. But I would appreciate it if you tell me how many times you share it! Please don’t change a word.. unless you ask..  Just send me a comment from the contact page!! 😀

Finally, Third, I want to recommend you to a cooking website I really love. I’m vegetarian, (and like the idea of veganism, though I am not a practicing one.) Also, if you are gluten intolerant (Even if you are not, I think being G-free is a great plan) I think this website is like 100% G-free! Close enough, at least. It includes recipes for all of the above! Tell me what you made!

www.alittleinsanity.com   {It will be on the top of the search page past the adds, unless it takes you TO the website .}

Thanks for checking in! TTYL (Talk To You Later)DSC09995