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DSC00747Greetings, friend! I hope you will find something here on the site for your good. This is a site designed for girls, teenagers, and everybody that believes in our Heavenly Father’s Torah (law), grace, and His love. We also want to learn things about our world, the Bible, our Heavenly Father and Saviour, and ourselves. This site is also so we can connect- find people a little like our selves!

Although I don’t know your background, welcome! Me? I am one who believes in the heavenly Father, and His word. That’s both the Old Testament and New. Also,  hard as circumstances become, I wish to serve Him through His strength. (Agh! Help me, Yahuah!!) I was a Seventh-Day Adventist my whole life, but have “resigned” from this due to beliefs I’m studying out . If you’re still an SDA, I understand, and am sorry to surprise you, yet this is where I have come to. Please, no matter what denomination you are in, explore the Bible with out pre-concieved ideas. There were no Denominations in Acts, were there?

May our Father bless your day!

I like people & want to help others.

Plus, obviously I like dogs too. đŸ™‚DSCN0176

 Shalom & Yesh Tikvah!

 Peace & There is Hope!

never fail